People power rules!!

I was suppose to write this post a lot earlier, but we were having such amazing weather on our holiday we were making most of it, but today a bit of a storm is hitting New Forest so morning spent in our rented house is advisable, perfect opportunity for blog writing. 

Anyway, about a week ago I wrote about a very sad, end of era type of news and changes that will be happening as a direct result of this news. However, on Friday just as we were about to get into the car and drive to New Forest I’ve received a phone call that changed it all!! 
As most of you know; apart from my own freelance business I also work part time as Rowan Design Consultant based in a very well known department store, I have been with Rowan now for 4 years and it is a job I absolutely adore and treasure with all my heart. It has been my dream job and it taught me so much, not only did I expand my knowledge of knitting and crochet beyond my wildest expectations, but also learned lots of technical and administrative things, how new yarn lines were launched, visual merchandising, how to submit a design and put together a collection, organising, hosting events and incredible knitting club and so much more. This job gave me the confidence to start Moochka (which has been a dream for as long as I can remember). 
Most importantly I have met the most incredible, like minded bunch of people, most of whom I’m very proud to call my friends. 

So when few weeks ago I was informed that the well known department store decided they will not require instore design consultants any more, apart from the flagship store, as you can imagine I was totally devastated. It didn’t only mean the end of Rowan Design Consultants but also the end of the community, Rowan girls play a vital role in their local community by constantly hosting events and clubs, advising, teaching, helping the advanced knitters and the ones that just starting on their exciting craft journey. To lose this would have been devastating. I was offered a position to continue with Rowan in the flagship store, which of course I took, but my heart was still broken that such horrible changes were happening and all those talented, incredible people were losing their most loved jobs, but then something incredible happened…..

All those lovely people who realised what an important and vital job Rowan Consultants are doing, picked up their phones, wrote emails and letters, the response was so huge that the very well known department store had no choice, but listen!! They have taken the decision to reinstate all Rowan Design Consultants to their positions!! I’m beyond happy and amazed, words really cannot describe how grateful I’m to everyone who voiced their opinion and took a stand for the consultants.  One thing I know for sure, people power rules!!!!!   


 This photo was taken 4 years ago, just when I started working for Rowan and it’s the first yarn wall I helped to merchandise. It was a fantastic day playing with loads of yummy yarn. 

Anna x