On Sunday we had little celebrations for Ollie’s and Brick’s Birthday, and before you ask….yes we do celebrate our cats birthday and yes we are those kind of people 🙂  

Ollie bear is now the grand old age of 9, and he does show it, very grumpy old cat, likes things his way only or he will throw a diva fit.  
 When it comes to Bricky pickles we are not sure when his birthday is. When he was rescued the vet
estimated his age for about 8 months, so April seemed like a good time to celebrate his very first birthday and it ties in nicely with Ollie’s birthday.
To celebrate I’ve crocheted them little mouse called Hampton (well, I made few of them, not only one, that would be cruel) .
It’s a cute little fellow full of catnip in his belly. Ollie absolutely loves Hampton and can’t leave him alone for a second. Brick on the other hand couldn’t care less, but then Brick is only interested in tearing up paper, if we leave any paper laying around he will be on it in a shot and not stop until it’s all in pieces, but saying that he is warming to Hampton and starting to play with it a bit. 
It’s so amazing to see how much Brick has changed from the kitten we got. Knowing his very hard beginning in life it is so special to see him growing up and turning into this totally adorable monster, who is the cuddliest cat on the planet, but also the naughtiest.
I fear Ollie does not share my opinion, Brick is still fascinated with Ollie and follows him everywhere, Ollie however wants to be left alone to snooze constantly, preferably on a patch of sun, but for most parts they do get on wonderfully and give each other grooming sessions. 
                                                                   Ollie’s diva face

I made Hampton using 4mm crochet hook and Rowan All Seasons Cotton as I wanted natural and durable fibre, perfect for very sharp kitty’s teeth. You can use any aran weight yarn, you will need about 18 meters and a bit of contrasting colour for eyes. You will also need some toy stuffing and catnip which you can buy in most stores. 
Have fun making Hampton and I know your cat will love playing with it or why not make one for kitty in need.

The pattern for
Hampton is available here: 

Anna xx