Double yarn overs

This tutorial is to support my new design, Essie shawl, which uses double yarn over in the lace section.

We have all probably encountered a single yarn over at some point, they are used in lace or to make button holes, you simply bring the yarn forward and knit the next stitch with the yarn going over the needle thus creating an eyelet. They are usually abbreviated as yo, yfwd, yf. Double yarn overs are the same thing just…well, doubled, which produces a larger eyelet. They are supper easy to make but the trick is to work back on them correctly. They are usually abbreviated as yoyo or yo (x 2). 
To make a double yarn over
Bring the yarn forward in-between the needles, then wrap around the needle once more, then knit the next stitch as normal.

Working back on yarn overs 

Normally, you would treat yarn over as a standard stitch and purl or knit it, but you can’t do that with double yarn over. If you purl or knit both strands you will end up with one super large eyelet, so you have to either purl the first stitch and knit the second or vice versa. What I recommend you do in Essie is purl the first stitch and knit the second through back loop.

  • Purl the first stitch as normal, be very careful the second stitch does not jump off the needle.
  • Take your yarn to the back of work in-between the needles.
  • Knit the second stitch through back loop.
  • Bring your yarn to the front of work in-between needles and continue to work on the rest of your stitches.


Hey presto! Double yarn over completed 😊

Essie is now abvailable on:

Anna x

Ups and downs

Last week has been rather horrid, on Tuesday I had some terrible news, kind of end of era news. Lots of changes are coming my way, which to tell you the truth is very frightening as I really do not do well with change, but oddly enough I’m rather excited about this, surely change must be good. There changes that are about to happen I was thinking of making myself in about a year as I felt I’m not ready yet, but obviously fate decided that I’m and the choice was made for me. I’m trying to stay optimistic and look at the wonderful and positive things that are happening in my life, like my book, teaching workshops, planning a wedding there’s just so much to be thankful for. And this week I had a wonderful phone call that put my mind at ease and it has soften the blow of last week a bit, changes are still coming but they won’t be so immediate and I can take my time and choose wisely, all is good in the world once again. 
The workshop season had kicked off with a glorious bang! 
It seems like it’s been nonstop go, with all the preps, teaching and now I’m even putting together autum/winter workshop program (I know! We didn’t even have summer yet!), but the more I teach the more I love this job! 
I adore teaching all levels of crocheting and knitting. Love beginners as there’s nothing more satisfying than showing someone new skill and watching them fall in love with the craft and get addicted as much as I am. Very often I receive emails from my past students with projects that they completed and the way they have progressed it’s amazing! Really brings lots of joy to my heart. 
This season so far I had lots of advanced workshops especially finishing techniques, which are great workshops for learning how to get that professional look to your knitted garments. Next season, due to very high request, I’ll be introducing finishing techniques for crochet as well. 
I also taught some workshops on fair isle and intarsia, entrelac, introduced some lace knitting to beginners (with the most amazing view onto the Olympic Stadium) and of course the glorious bunting, which is a project we make during ‘Moving on from Learn to Crochet’ workshops. Very busy last couple of months, but so rewarding on so many levels.
Look at the view!
I put together some lovely 2-hour classes based on techniques used in my book. One of the classes is on crocheting a purse and the other on jazzing up your crochet with embroidery. I have quite few of those workshops booked around from different stores of John Lewis to Black Sheep Wools, so please check my website for more details, click here for the workshop page of my website.
 Crochet a purse

                                                                      Jazz up your crochet

Anna x