Christmas crochet

With everything that has happened this year it was very important to me to make this Christmas very special with as many handmade decorations and presents as possible. I also wanted to share as many patterns and tutorials with you as possible, so that seasoned and new crocheters alike can find something special to make.

Winter wreath

This blog is really to put all the makes together, so you can find them all in one place.

It all started with this gorgeous frosty wreath for John Lewis & Partners. The leaves and berries are taken from my book, ‘Crocheted Wreaths for the Home’.

You will find the video tutorial on John Lewis website or just click here

I also taught a lovely virtual class over Zoom for them, it was all about crochet snowflakes. I uploaded the video to my YouTube and IGTV so that it’s a good reminder for everyone who attended the class and now everyone can make a snowflake.

You will find the written pattern and chart here

Next up is the lovely Mistletoe wreath I made for LoveCrafts. I show you how to make the whole wreath from the base to crochet leaves, berries and how to put it all together. The base is made from ivy vines and is super easy to make.

You will find the written pattern here

The video is on LoveCrafts YouTube channel here

The final Christmas tutorial is for the adorable crochet stockings which are taken from the Christmas wreath from my book.

I made them into a garland for Search Press, they are super fun to make and perfect for using oddments of yarn.

You will find the video here and the written pattern here

The stockings take me nicely to my biggest Christmas make of this year… super-duper fabulous Advent Calendar. I’m completely late with it, but I didn’t actually think I would finish it this year, so I still count it as a win.

The pattern is the same one as for the lovely stocking for Search Press and from my book, but I have used thicker yarn and hook. The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Retreat on 6 mm hook. I have embroidered the numbers, very badly, with DMC gold metallic embroidery thread, number E3821. I have never embroidered with this thread and oh my it is not easy at all! I started with split stitch and ended with whatever, by the time the first few numbers were done I had enough and just used any easy stitch. I didn’t mark out the numbers first I just did it by eye, that’s why they are all different sizes, but I actually like them like that.

When all the stockings were finished I joined them together in 4 columns with strands of the same yarn by just attaching them with knots. Then attached them to the base of the wreath followed by some small baubles which I knotted to lengths of yarn and then to the base of the wreath and added a few to the stockings.

The wreath and baubles I bought in Home Sense a few weeks ago, they have such amazing decorations. The wreath is fab because it has a wire base, so it was easy to attach the lengths of yarn with stockings and baubles.

I finished it off by adding some fairy light to the wreath and hey presto!

I am overjoyed with the Advent Calendar and so happy I finished it before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy making,

Anna x

My new book

I have realised that I have never written a blog about my new book, Crocheted Wreaths for the Home’. After months and months of secret making and planning it is wonderful for the book to be finally out. I thought it would be good to share few bits about the book with everyone who does not do the social media thing and images and my general happiness about it.

It’s always strange to release a new book into the wild, I’m always worried about how it will be received, but I worried for nothing, I have been over the moon with the receptions, so thank you so much everyone.

My beautiful friend Jade of created the sweetest stitch markers to celebrate the release of the book. They are so sweet and available from my website, there’s a pumpkin, beetroot and acorn. I adore them so much Jade has done an amazing job with polyamide clay, she’s very talented.

The book came out in March and I had lots of very exciting things planned. Book launch at The Yarn Dispensary, lots of classes in other shops, but because of the outbreak of Corona Virus everything had to be postponed until further notice. It was disappointing after so many months of planning, but necessary and I am really looking forward to getting out and crocheting with everyone when it is safe to do so.

The book is all about wreaths, hence the name haha…The idea for it came when I took part in Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas in 2017 (I know, that long ago!). I was a contestant in the wreath making competition where I made a crochet wreath. Search Press though that crochet wreaths would be a perfect project, I had to agree, I mean who doesn’t love a decorative wreath?

I’m a big fan of hanging ornaments and wreaths are just perfect, I never believed that wreaths are just seasonal and I have one hanging somewhere in my house all year around. In this book I wanted to create a mixture of wreaths to celebrate events throughout the year such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween, also seasons, but it was also very important to me to have wreaths that can be displayed all year around such as the Mini Wreaths or the Berry Wreath. When I created the latter wreath, I hanged it on my wall in the bedroom for few weeks just to see if I like it. Even though the wreath looks rather simple, it is fact very effective, a very unassuming statement maker.


The book contains 12 wreath designs and each wreath is accompanied by a smaller project that incorporates the main design in some form or other such as bunting, brooch and many others. When designing each wreath I wanted to create projects that not only can be made into a wreath but so the maker can use to create other decorations and accessories.

I created this little mice heist by using the mouse pattern from mini wreath and the berries and ivy leaves from the berry. The two mice are the same ones just on one of them I positioned the ears differently, so it looks like it’s looking down. I’ve changed the hook size and used thinner yarn. I used Jamesion’s of Shetland Spindrift and 2.50mm hook for the mice and small berries and leaves and yarn held double and 4mm hook for the bigger berries, leaves and vine. It’s just to show that you can take elements from each wreath and create other amazing decorations. I’m making a vegetable bunting now.

I have also been creating smaller wreaths with the flowers from The Easter wreath.  I have done few Instagram takeovers and shared a pattern from the book for each takeover, they have been deleted now, but the video on how to make a wreath base from ivy vines, it is still available on Search Press Instagram.

Easter wreath

I’ll also be releasing three blogs to cover few techniques for crochet and finishing that are important for the project in the book, so please watch this space.

If you want to hear about future takeovers and new blog, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook and please follow the blog to be the first one to hear.

Thank you so much for all the love to my book, it really means the world.

The book is available from lots of independent craft and book shops and other retailers:

Search Press

The Yarn Dispensary

Tribe Yarns

Just Knots

The Orry Mill

John Lewis

Stay save and happy crocheting,

Anna xx