For the love of Brietta

I’m still on clouds nine after Brietta cowl got the front page treatment in Let’s Crochet mag, which is a preview issue of brand new crochet magazine called Crochet Now. The mag is available together with Knit Now magazine. 
 As Let’s Crochet is a preview issue it contains carefully selected crochet designs that were previously featured in other magazines, Brietta was first featured in issue 65 of Simply Homemade magazine, which is just fab and jam packed with everything from cooking to card making. 
Brietta is a very eye catching cowl (if I may say so myself). The almond stitch gives you the perfect opportunity to play with colour, I have chosen hues of blue and turquoise, starting with the darkest and ending with lightest, the interruptions of cream colour in-between the almonds defines them beautifully. I have used one of my all-time favourite yarns for this cowl – Rowan Kid Classic, the Kid Mohair content of this yarn gives the cowl a lovely halo, not to mention the fantastic colour range the yarn comes in. 
You can really let your colour imagination let loose when crocheting this cowl. Choose your favourite combination or stick with subtly changing colours. I really like these Kid Classic combinations:

Of course you can use any worsted weight yarn for Biretta. At the moment I’m crocheting it with Louisa Harding’s Amitola Grande in Amelia sh. 527 and Rowan Kid Classic in Drought sh. 876. It is looking pretty amazing. Amitola is a gorgeous self-striping yarn, but the colour changes are not long enough to last for a full rows of almonds, at first I thought I might cut full colour lengths and use them as needed, but as I started to crochet I realised I really liked the two different colours in each almond.  

Let’s Crochet is available together with Knit Now Issue 58 – on sale now in newsagents, crafts stores and supermarkets. For more info or to order a copy visit:
Happy Crocheting 
Anna x