My book


It’s here, it’s here it is finally heeeerrrreeee!!!! My lovely bookie wookie is here!!
It’s been a year in the making, full year of anticipation, excitement, fear and every emotion possible. 
The lovely people at Search press publication approached me last year, after they saw the crochet purse kit we created at The Creative Sanctuary. They liked the crochet purse concept and after seeing some more designs the project was approved and the work on my ’20 To Make Crochet Purses’ began.
 I have hugely enjoyed the process of creating every project and writing the book. As a designer to me choosing yarns and playing with colours is always the most exciting part of starting a new project, with the purses I had added bonus of also choosing fabrics, clasps and different types of fastenings. I would sketch each design for every purse, but only when the yarns and fastenings were chosen each purse idea was finalised.
The book is full of gorgeous projects for all levels of crocheter, from the ones who are just starting, to the more advanced. The designs are created by simple shaping rather than difficult stitches. The emphasis is on stunning design to suite many tastes and I’m sure in this book you will find plenty of lovely projects to get your hook stuck in to. 

I made sure that all yarns, fabrics and fastenings are widely available. I wanted everyone to be able to get them. The clasps are all made by Prym and are stocked by most retailers.  I wanted to give a huge thank you to Angela at The Creative Sanctuaryfor providing every lovely fastening and fabric in the book and to Rowan Yarnsfor providing all the yummy yarns.

You will find the list of exact yarns used in every project on my website, please click here.
I have planned lots of fantastic 2-hour bite size classes based on techniques used in the book.  They will be held in lots of craft retailers such as John Lewis, The Creative Sanctuary and, just confirmed, Black Sheep Wools, More dates of classes and workshops to come, so please keep visiting the workshops page on my website as I will be updating it regularly.
The book is now available from my website, Moochka, where you can request signed copy (I know! Get me!)
And from Amazon, The Creative Sanctuary and soon from most craft retailers and book stores. 
This clutch bag is named after my amazing late Mum Lucy
Brick and I decided to get a celebratory selfie, as you can see Brick couldn’t care less. Wanted to get a selfie with Ollie as well, but he just walked away, obviously selfies are beneath him. 
Anna x