Oxhey Woods

Last weekend Dave and I discovered the most charming Nature Reserve near us, Oxhey Woods.

I’m always amazed at our area that even though we lived here so long we still manage to find new places to visit.

Oxhey Park is truly a little piece of paradise. It is located in South Oxhey in Hertfordshire, it has a little carpark but if you rather take a train the nearest station is Carpenders Park and the woods are only 15 min walk from there.

What’s wonderful about it is that it’s ancient semi-natural woodland and some parts have been wooded since the last Ice Age.

The reserve has 4 fantastic trails:

1: Red short sculpture trail which is around 1k

2: Orange trail which is around 3k

3: Blue long train which is 4k

4: London Outer Orbital Path – not sure how long that one is.

So far we did the sculpture and the long trails and both were fantastic!!

The sculpture trail is a little gem, perfect for family visits and dotted with interesting wooden sculptures made by different artists.

The entrance to the sculpture rout is adorned with a beautiful arch with beatles and insects carved into it. Which along with the ‘living room’ sculpture containing wooden armchair, TV and a giant frame has been created by internationally renowned artist, Dan Cordell.

My grumpy lady expression

Going futher on the trail you constantly find little wooden trasures, an array of familiar birds and woodland creatures, and even a giant stag beetle among the branches of Oak tree by the entrance. All of these sculptures were created by by the ‘Tree Pirates’ who undertook a three day residency in the woods and used just one gigantic fallen tree to create all their pieces of work.

Along the path there’s also a ‘Xylofence’ which has been made using Sweet Chestnut timber sourced from Oxhey Woods. Artist, Will Embliss created this musical structure with the community using traditional woodworking tools and techniques, it gives out the sweetest sound.

The woods keep on giving and you will also find Father Forest, little town on a giant sphere and a swing!! I had lots of fun feeling like a child again 🙂

The long trail is far more dence, you will need to cross the road few times as the road itself splits the woodland. It’s a slight annoyence but nothing that ruins the walk overall. However, what is interesting when you cross over to each part is how different they are from eachother. Some areas are full of ferns and bushes, where others are dotted with just tall trees, there is also a lovely medow which is a perfect picnic spot.

And of course there are birds everywhere, gorgeous but scraggy little blue tit, Dave even managed to spot a nuthatch, a bird whcich elluded him for a decent picture for some time.

He also managed to find the happiest Dragonfly 🙂

Anna xx

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