Tassels – bag charm tutorial

 Autumn is in the air which fills me with joy 🍂

In celebration, I’m getting my warmer dresses out and even treated myself to new one from Lindy Bop. But the best thing about autumn is… I can wear my woolies again!!! Yeeeey!! Shawls, cardigan and jumpers it’s all coming out to play again!!

However, one Summer accessory I’m refusing to give up just yet is my straw bag. I love her, she’s been my constant companion for the past few months and I’m not shutting her in the wardrobe yet. What I’ve decided to do is to jazz her up a bit and make her autumn ready.

The best way to dress up any bag is with a charm. My first thought was pompoms, but I’ve been slightly obsessed with them and now everything is covered in pompoms. The other easily made decoration is tassels, and they have been everywhere this Summer, from earrings to cushions we have been loving tassels.

My favourite ones are the stacked ones with each tassel being different colour, I’ve seen some in gradient effect, and they are just lush. Of course, I wanted to have a go at making them by self. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right colours in my stash to create a gradient effect but nice autumnal ones are just great.

They are quite quick and easy to make; all you need is:

  • Your chosen yarns, the yarn with the lovelies colours I had in my stash was Rowan Cotton Glacé, but any yarn will do
  • Piece of cardboard 5cm wide and 7cm high
  • Sharp scissors
  • Charm holder, I used round bag rings by Prym, but any clip that goes around the handle and can fit your tassels will be just perfect, or just use yarn to tie them
  • Tapestry needle
  • Comp (optional)

I didn’t want my tassels to be too long and settles on approx. 7cm, if you would like them taller just cut the piece of cardboard longer in length.

Steps 1 and 2: Wrap yarn around the longer length of rectangle in the centre until nice and slightly full, don’t wrap too much. Cut the yarn.

Steps 3 and 4: Thread tapestry needle with 25cm of yarn and wrap around once and tie to top of tassel snugly. Remove needle, leaving tie to attach to work.

Steps 5 and 6: Ease the tassel gently from the cardboard.

Steps 7 and 8: Cut another 25 cm of yarn and wrap snugly around tassel once, near the top, tie a knot, then wrap once more and tie a knot, using the tapestry needle bury the ends inside the tassel.

Steps 9 and 10: Cut bottom ends of tassel and trim evenly.

Step 11: Make four more tassels in different colours.

Steps 12 and 13: Choose which colour you would like at the bottom and feed the top end of that tassel through the centre of tassel to be above.

Steps 14 and 15: Repeat with the other end, making sure that both ends come through on either side of the tie on the tassel above. Tie both ends in a knot and trim.

Step 16: Repeat steps 12 to 15 with the other tassels, stacking them on top of each other. When you stack your last tassel, do not cut the ends after tying them in a knot, feed them through tapestry needle and bury them inside the tassel. DO NOT cut the ends of top tassel.

Step 17 and 18 (Optional): I like the tassels to be a bit shaggy and worn, to achieve this just comb your tassels with a comp until they look nicely messy, trim any fluff. If you would like your tassels to stay smooth please omit this step.

Steps 19 and 20: Using the ends of the top tassel make few chains and wrap the ends twice around the ring clip, tie in a knot and weave in the ends down the chains and tassel.

Repeat all steps and make two more charms with two tassels each and attach to ring clip at different lengths.

Voilà, your gorgeous charms are ready 🙂

Anna xx

Thank you

Last week, Annette and I released our first podcast/vlog, Two Peas in a Woolly Pod, into the wonderful world of the web and we have been overwhelmed with you response.

We just wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of you for every view, comment, like, word of encouragement and for every little yeey.

We wanted to start a podcast for a while now as we just love the idea of them and they look like a lot of fun. We had a hoot recording it and are so overjoyed that you liked it too

Few words from Annette:

Thank you for watching our new podcast. Your response has filled us with joy. 

The idea of a podcast is something we’ve been toying around with for a while. We’ve been friends for ages, and have always nudged and guided each other with our creative ideas. Doing it together just seemed the natural thing to do. Working on this podcast, will give us an opportunity to combine our individual personalities, and hopefully give you something a little different to watch, and to share our joy of this community we are all a part of.

Do join us each month as we bring to you our love of yarn, crochet and knitting. We love it all! There’ll be wips and occasional fo’s. Patterns that have taken our fancy. Maybe some stash enhancement. We even hope to have some k/cals as we go along. We can’t promise it won’t be haphazard, but we’ll do our best. lol

We hope this will lead to many more episodes. There’s always something new to inspire us.

Here is the podcast/vlog for those who hasn’t seen it yet 🙂

See you next time,

Two Peas in a Woolly Pod x

Oxhey Woods

Last weekend Dave and I discovered the most charming Nature Reserve near us, Oxhey Woods.

I’m always amazed at our area that even though we lived here so long we still manage to find new places to visit.

Oxhey Park is truly a little piece of paradise. It is located in South Oxhey in Hertfordshire, it has a little carpark but if you rather take a train the nearest station is Carpenders Park and the woods are only 15 min walk from there.

What’s wonderful about it is that it’s ancient semi-natural woodland and some parts have been wooded since the last Ice Age.

The reserve has 4 fantastic trails:

1: Red short sculpture trail which is around 1k

2: Orange trail which is around 3k

3: Blue long train which is 4k

4: London Outer Orbital Path – not sure how long that one is.

So far we did the sculpture and the long trails and both were fantastic!!

The sculpture trail is a little gem, perfect for family visits and dotted with interesting wooden sculptures made by different artists.

The entrance to the sculpture rout is adorned with a beautiful arch with beatles and insects carved into it. Which along with the ‘living room’ sculpture containing wooden armchair, TV and a giant frame has been created by internationally renowned artist, Dan Cordell.

My grumpy lady expression

Going futher on the trail you constantly find little wooden trasures, an array of familiar birds and woodland creatures, and even a giant stag beetle among the branches of Oak tree by the entrance. All of these sculptures were created by by the ‘Tree Pirates’ who undertook a three day residency in the woods and used just one gigantic fallen tree to create all their pieces of work.

Along the path there’s also a ‘Xylofence’ which has been made using Sweet Chestnut timber sourced from Oxhey Woods. Artist, Will Embliss created this musical structure with the community using traditional woodworking tools and techniques, it gives out the sweetest sound.

The woods keep on giving and you will also find Father Forest, little town on a giant sphere and a swing!! I had lots of fun feeling like a child again 🙂

The long trail is far more dence, you will need to cross the road few times as the road itself splits the woodland. It’s a slight annoyence but nothing that ruins the walk overall. However, what is interesting when you cross over to each part is how different they are from eachother. Some areas are full of ferns and bushes, where others are dotted with just tall trees, there is also a lovely medow which is a perfect picnic spot.

And of course there are birds everywhere, gorgeous but scraggy little blue tit, Dave even managed to spot a nuthatch, a bird whcich elluded him for a decent picture for some time.

He also managed to find the happiest Dragonfly 🙂

Anna xx