Dave and Anna

Well Dave and Anna are getting married!! 
When Dave proposed it really took me by a total surprise, well we did talk about tying the knot at some point, but it was just that, talk. So when I came home on Friday and was taken for a lovely dinner, I didn’t think much about it, until we got home and Dave got on one knee, with a gorgeous ring in his hands. As you can imagine my answer was a big YES! Well how could I not!? I cannot say no to a man who has chosen the perfect ring!
To be honest the proposal was the biggest surprise as my Dave is not the romantic type at all, I always expected when he did pop the question it would be more in line of: ‘So shall we do it then?’
When I say Dave isn’t romantic, I mean in the traditional sense. He is romantic in a way that means far more to me than any amount of flowers and jewellery can buy. Dave is romantic in a way that he cares 24/7. If I want to scream and shout at the world he will listen, when I want to cry he always has a shoulder ready, if I need help or advice he’s always there.  And above all he makes me laugh like no one else  ever could, and he’s also a wiz with computers which is just amazing, it has come in very handy during the creation of moochka and all that has gone with it, and all it cost me was biscuits HA!

From our first snowy Christmas together to our many holidays to finding our first home with Ollie the cat…..and then upsetting him with the introduction of Brick the cat, it has been a fantastic and very special journey, and I can’t wait for many more years of adventures.
I have already started ‘operation wedding’, the secret board on Pinterest has been created, I have perfect venue in mind and of course the dress has already been sketched and Dave has taken to hiding under the bed in preparation of bridezillas arrival.
                       This is not the greatest photo of us, but it is my favorite. It was taken many years ago at the first concert we every went to.
The wedding will be a full knitted and crocheted affair (come on! You didn’t think I would just buy everything ready-made, did you? ) and I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.
With all this love in the air and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, to celebrate my pattern for ‘Love is in the air’ egg cosies is on special offer, just 50p until 14th.
The egg cosies are really adorable and will add a little quirky touch to your breakfast for two.
The pattern comes with alphabet chart to personalise your cosies. 
To purchase the pattern, please click here
Anna x

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