Holly and Swiss darning

I finally did it! It only took a year, but the pattern for Holly is now available!
Holly was first created last year around Christmas, when a very good friend
asked me if I can design a vintage inspired scarf. I wanted something delicate, interesting, but above all it had to be warm, I turned to the style of the 50s as it was my favourite fashion era, full of feminine looks. After few sketches Holly was made. 
There’s a reason why the writing of pattern took so long.
I originally made the scarf in Rowan Pure Wool Aran, but just after Christmas it has been discontinued. I was assured by Rowan that its replacement will be out soon. Of course, I could have done the scarf in different aran weight yarn, but Pure Wool Aran is a dream to knit with and had a very good meterage, making the scarf quite economical, requiring only 2 balls. But my wait was certainly worth it! Its replacement Pure Wool Worsted is amazing and with 50 shades on offer, the only thing I had to worry about waswhich colour to choose.
Holly is made in four parts: Front is in one piece and the back in three. The reason is that it is stocking stitch and even with garter stitch edging the scarf still curled, with the dots being Swiss darned on top, I wanted to cover the back of the front. 
A bit about Swiss darning or duplicate stitch as it’s sometimes known; it’s a fantastic way of adding embroidery to your knitting. It looks like a knit stitch that’s why it’s perfect for knitted fabrics. It can be used horizontally or vertically.
Working with blunt needles and from the wrong-side to the right-side, insert needle at the base of the first stitch.
Follow the line of the stitch, insert the needle back in at the top of the stitch, in the row above the stitch you are duplicating.
Put the needle back in the stitch it came out of. 

And hey presto! A stitch is made.
Pattern for Holly contains a full chart on where the stitches should be positioned and an explanation on Swiss darning.
The pattern is available on my website:
And my Ravelry store:
Happy knitting!
Anna x

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