Morticia gloves….

Halloween is almost upon us, time for dressing up and celebrating the day of the dead…….in style of course!!
I have designed these wrist gloves to go with my witches costume; well if one is going to be a witch…one shall be a glamorous one!!
The idea came when I was putting my costume together to wear on Halloween, to a party of course, not just around the house (well, I might), and I really struggled to find gloves that are not elbow long and made out of netting. I wanted to recreate the effect of spider web that can be found in the corners of old dark shades. And here they are!!
I have named them Morticia, in honour of Morticia Addams, the most fabulous witch I’ve ever seen !! For the yarn I have chosen the glorious Rowan Kidsilk Haze Eclipse which just adds the perfect amount of glitz and glamor.
Below is the written pattern for ‘Morticia’, I wanted to include a chart, but unfortunately it is not to be. I have purchased a very swanky crochet chart maker, and as much a I try, I just cannot make it work! So maybe one day, when I figure it out, the chart shall be made.
But for now my pretties…..enjoy the pattern and have a wicked Halloween!!  HAHAHAHA

Morticia gloves

Materials: Rowan Kidsilk Haze Eclipse (pictured sh.457), Debbie Bliss party angel or any lace weight yarn.
3.50 mm (US E/4, UK 9) crochet hook

Finished size:
Length (including finger lop): 17cm (6.6in)
Circumference (unstretched) 19cm (7.4in)
To make the gloves smaller; the easiest was to do this is by using a smaller hook, one or two sizes smaller.

Pattern is written using UK terms

Ch – chain
Ch-sp – chain space
Ss – slip stitch
Dc (US sc) – double crochet (US single crochet)
Tr (US dc) – treble crochet (US double crochet)
Dtr (US tr) – double treble (US treble)
Ttr (US dtr) – triple treble crochet (US double treble)
Yrh – yarn around hook
Dtr3tog (US tr3tog) – double treble 3 together (US treble 3 together) – yrh twice,  insert hook into space, yrh, pull loop through, (yrh, pull loop through 2 loops on hook) twice; rep from * twice more working in the same space, yrh and pull through all 4 loops on hook.
With 3.50mm (US E/4, UK 9) hook ch 32.
Row 1: 1 dc into second ch from hook, 1 dc into each dc to end. (31 dc)
Row 2: ch 1, 1 dc into every dc to end.
Rep row 2, 4 more times.
Brake off yarn
Re-join yarn to 16 dc from the end of last row.
Row 7: Ch 5, miss 3 dc, 1 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 3 dc, turn.
Row 8:* Ch 2, dtr3tog into 5-ch sp, rep from * 4 more times, ch 2, 1 dc into 3rd dc from 5 ch, 1 dc into next 3 dc.turn
Row 9: *Ch 3, 1tr into 2-ch space, ch 3, 1tr into dtr3tog, rep from *4 more times, ch3, 1tr into 2- ch sp, ch 3,  miss 2 dc, 1dc into next  dc , 1 dc into next 3 dc, turn.
Row 10: *Ch 4, 1 dtr into next  tr, rep from * 10 more times, ch 4, miss 2 dc, 1 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 3 dc, turn.
Row 11: *Ch 4, 1 dtr into next dtr, rep from * 8 more times,  ch 3, 1 tr into next dtr, ch 3, 1 dc into next dtr, turn.
Row 12: Ch 3, 1 tr into next tr, ch 3, 1 dtr into next dtr, *ch 4, 1 ttr into next dtr,  rep from * 7 more times, ch 4, miss 2 dc, 1 dc into next dc, 1 dc into next 3 dc, turn.
Row 13: * Ch 5, 1 ttr into next ttr, rep from *5 more times, ch 5, 1 dtr into next next ttr, ch 4, 1 tr into next dtr, ch 3, 1 dc into next tr.
Fasten off
Finger loop
With right side facing re-join yarn to 5th ttr.
Ch 18, ss to same ttr.
With right side facing re-join yarn to beginning or row 1, working all along edges of gloves, continue as follows; 1 dc into every dc, 5 dc into every ch space,  1 dc into every stitch and 25 dc into finger loop. Crochet all around the glove.
Fasten off
Fold two sides of glove together and join with row of dc, crochet 1 dc into next 16 dc of edging.
Fasten off.
 P.S. Big thank you to lovely Angela for the broom 🙂
Anna xx

6 thoughts on “Morticia gloves….

  1. my artistic insert as is my to,en of gratitude, and awe, for such a genius manifestation! either a deep reddish blue. for winter/ early spring! or my actual artistic opinion and expertise, how abouts, a vibrant yellow green, with an inlay of a deep yet vibrant magenta, crimson single color bi strand? just a gestion!

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