A bit of a rant…..

The other day I have been demonstrating certain knitting technique to some lovely ladies, when all of a sudden a woman came up and unceremoniously grabbed my needles out of my hands and declared that ‘I will show you how to knit properly!’ Then proceeded to ‘teach’ me how to knit the continental (yarn on the left) way! Don’t get me wrong I have a deep appreciation for continental knitting after all that’s how my Mum and Grandma used to knit, but I’m a thrower (yarn on the right)!! But what does it matter, there’s no right or wrong way of knitting, and as long as you are happy with the finished project who cares how you hold your needles and yarn, and anyway it’s very rude to grab someone’s needles out of their hands…that is just asking for a slap!

I never understood this war between continental and English method knitters. Surely the way we knit is completely irrelevant, shouldn’t we just be happy to have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who share our love for craft?

The same goes with the big no-nos about finishing your knitted garment. You must never machine sew your pieces together…..why not?! Did I ever have a garment with all pieces knitted and really wanted to wear it that day, but no time to hand sew it together? Did I use sewing machine? Yes and yes!! Will I do it again……Hell Yes!! In fact my ‘Cool’ sweater from Kim Hargreaves’s ‘Spirit’ book is sew together on a machine and it looks very nice, if I may say so myself.

So my lovelies hold your needles and yarn proudly and knit on…whichever way you choose!!

Well that’s the end of my rant….I do feel a lot better.

Thank you for reading.

Anna xx

4 thoughts on “A bit of a rant…..

  1. If you saw the way I knit you'd smile. But I can knit (my way) and do make things and that's the main thing oh and it makes me happy knitting and friends love my finished pieces xx

  2. Thank you! Sometimes I want to give up on knitting because I am not doing it \”right\”. I too am a thrower, I have tried to change but it is not comfortable to me. On a side note, I have been rereading Murder at the Vicarage and thinking of You. Cant wait to see your knitting on the television!

  3. Knit how you wish! No right or wrong way, but don't ever give up 🙂 The episode of Miss Marple was already on, it was the 'Greenshawl's Folly', below is a link to my blog, that has pics of Miss Marple knitting my sleeves 🙂 xxhttp://moochkauk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/miss-marple.html

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