Knitting in public……

I am a bit late with this blog as the event happened  few weeks ago, but I just have been crazy busy, don’t really have time for anything…..well that’s an exaggeration…..I always have time for knitting lol   

The lovely Angela at The Creative Sancuary organised this event in celebration of Knitting in Public Week, it was such a good and original idea! I absolutely loved it!

The Dog and Whistle were our hosts, it just the most charming place. Fabolous vintage deco and you can also purchase most of the furniture and brick and brak.

The film playing was Julie&Julia…..which gave me a fab idea, but more on that later

The most fantastic suprise of the night was one of the ladies Ange knitting one of my designs! Shoulder shrug which is a free pattern in my Ravelry store. It trully feels amazing to have one of your designs being knitted and the person knitting it absoulately loving your work!! Mind……Blown

Ange knitting her shoulder shrug 🙂
Angela the fab organiser sporting rather lovely yarn necklase 
It was a really great night and a fantastic way of celebrating KIP, We even had a man knitter!! 
I have to share more photos of Dog and Whistle because I’m just in love with it..

Fab night!!

I also celebrated KIP with my lovely Ladies from Woolly Bunch knitting club! We had an amazing opportunity to knit in the viewing gallery overlooking the stunning Olympic stadium at John Lewis Stratford! It was fab and we all truly enjoyed ourselves 🙂 

                 LOVE this photo!

A xx

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