Coffee and Train………..

Well I’m finally fully moved and unpacked yeey!! Ollie the cat absolutely loves the new place now as at first he hid under the sofa for four hours.
I adore the new place, but traveling to London can be a b*%$*! Still plenty time for knitting when you are on the train, it always amazes me how intrigued everybody gets when you are doing something out of the ordinary. I get asked constant questions, one lady even asked me if I could show her a stitch she could never do! Well it just proves one thing…..we knitters are a sociable bunch 🙂

Here’s my lovely cropped cardigan that I knitted mostly on the train and a bit in cafe Nero and it’s called ‘Coffee and Train’ for obvious reasons lol
The actual design is called Monstone and it’s from Scarlet by Kim Hargreaves. Knitted in Rowan Fine Lace and Kidsilk Haze. Loved knitting  it and love even more the way it fits, will be definitely making few more in different colours.

Finishing the neck with lovely coffee
Ta Dah! the finished cardigan

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