In love with Wool House……..

I had the immense pleasure to teach for Rowan at Wool House exhibition in Somerset House, Donna and I were running little drop in sessions……….basically questions and answers. And ow lucky am I to work in the most beautiful surroundings and to meet so many amazing people. A big thank you goes to the wonderful Paige from Gleeful Hands for a lovely chat and even lovelier hug.
I’m absolutely in love with every display in there!!  The exhibition is open until Sunday 24th so if any of you have a chance it’s a must see! xx

2 thoughts on “In love with Wool House……..

  1. Anna! I found you! Am trying to 'friend' you on Ravelry, but the system is being a bit …weird!So nice to meet a kindred spirit the yesterday and hope we get another chance to talk about NOT teaching children. ;-DI am looking to join a knitting group, so if you hear of any good ones, please let me know.x Linda

  2. Hiiiiii! So glad you found me 🙂 It really is refreshing to find someone with the same views and not afraid to admit it lolI run a knitting club in John Lewis in Stratford City every second Saturday, but would love to join another one, lets look together 🙂 Anna x

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