Knit and Stitch Show ……

What an amazing time it was at Alexandra Palace! Totally exhausting but so much fun, and I had a chance to meet some incredible people. I feel truly grateful to have had a chance to be a part of such a wonderful event.
I was working on the beautiful Rowan stand and had a chance to see the fantastic fashion show!! with the dancing models and beautiful garments it was a show to remember!!
It hard not to be inspired and sometimes speechless when you walk around the exhibition and see so much talent, passion and energy devoted to craft. Amazing exhibition and people.
My two favourite pieces were the knitted village which would be a dream place to live in !! And the Union Jack flag, made up of little squares in celebration of Wool Week! It is a very unique flag and the fact that i have knitted some of the squares just made it that little bit more special…..I felt i have contributed a little 🙂

The Union Jack 🙂

 Wonderful woolly village 
Some of the beautiful Rowan garments
The incredible Susie Johnson stand
Can’t wait for next year 🙂 

One thought on “Knit and Stitch Show ……

  1. Our knit and bitch village group knitted the 'scout camp' that was in the knitted village 🙂 – wasnt it a great show…. only there as a visitor not an exhibitor…. x

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