The Woolly Bunch….

What a busy couple of weeks this has been….
Had a little, sweet, hooting-tooting all of my own market stall at Portobello Road! And I absolutely loved it!
What a fantastic vibe, the atmosphere in there is electric! Met so many extraordinary people. I really never expected for everyone to be so nice and helpful, you get a such an amazing feeling of being part of community, but the biggest thank you goes to Mr. Marek and Linda for feeding me all day with their homemade delicious burgers lol.
The best part at the end of the day was (apart from selling heaps of course) when me and Marcia (v good friend selling her handmade jewellery) were just sitting outside cafe drinking coffee while someone played some reggae on one of the stalls, the ambience was just amazing!!

Then of course was my wonderful Knitting Club and the naming ceremony. What a fun that was……. And now we are called……drum roll…..’The Woolly Bunch’ which I think is rather fitting.

I adore my Woolly Bunch, such an amazing group of women. It’s fantastic that such a varied bunch can gel so well, and there is nothing better than spending two hours just knitting and gossiping 🙂
Now that we have a spanking new name perhaps we can get involved in some charity project 🙂

Happy knitting xx

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